Terms & Policy

Terms & Policy

We (“Staff Assist”, “We” or “Us”) are an independent website operated by Staff Assist.

The terms and conditions below are for clients or potential clients (“Client”, “You” and “Your”) who wish to use this platform to advertise job openings. These terms govern the relationship between us and you.

By using our services, you are accepting these Terms which form the basis of all transactions between us and you. If you do not agree to these Terms, please do not avail our services.

Staff Assist is an online service for employers and/or recruiters to advertise job openings through the Staff Assist platforms. Staff Assist is not an employment agency or any other agency defined in the Employment Agencies Act 1973.

You, the Client, have access to information on prospective candidates who have applied for the advertised vacancy through their Staff Assist Account.

1. USING Staff Assist

1.1. Staff Assist offers clients the ability to advertise a job vacancy over its patented online platform.

1.2. Clients are required to create an account to use the Service. Each Client company shall be entitled to one account.

1.3. Staff Assist does not charge a registration fee or commission on the placement for a vacancy advertised through us. Instead, Staff Assist charges a flat fee in accordance with clause 3 below.

1.4. A registered Staff Assist account allows you to view your advertisement as well as any potential applications received

1.5. You will be provided with a username and password. It is your responsibility to ensure that all security details for login/password are kept confidential. Staff Assist cannot be held responsible for misuse of information misplaced by the Client or their representatives. Users shall be responsible for any/all activity made from their Account.

1.6. Staff Assist shall store all information provided by you; however, we shall not use, sell or share any such information without your consent.

1.7. Job advertisements are placed through your Account where you shall be able to upload your advertisement content with the following two options:

1.7.1. ‘Approved’ Status - provides instruction to Staff Assist that any changes or amendments made to the Client’s proposed advertisement content, should be approved by the Client prior to being uploaded.

1.7.2. Not Approved Status - provides instruction to Staff Assist that any amendments and/or changes made can be uploaded without the need for the Client’s consent.

1.7.3. No Changes - provides instruction to Staff Assist that no amendments and/or changes are to be made. This will be reviewed and subject to suitability checks.


2.1. Clients can provide the content for upload without guidance or assistance from Staff Assist. In such cases, Staff Assist cannot be held liable or responsible for errors or erroneous content. Alternatively, Staff Assist can provide the content for the advert on behalf of the Client.

2.2. Where you, the Client, decide to provide your own content for advertisements, the advertisement should be in clear and easily understandable English, free of errors, honest and free from any discriminatory, racial or sexist content. Additionally, the following information should be included as a minimum:

  • Job title
  • Salary
  • Hours and days of work
  • Location
  • Term
  • Experience required
  • Job description

2.3. Once confirmed, advertisement content shall be uploaded by Staff Assist to a variety of online platforms specified or job placement. Where appropriate, Staff Assist shall upload advertisements to specialist platforms as well as general ones.

2.4. Advertisements have a lifespan of 28-days after which time the advertisement is automatically removed from all sources.

2.5. Where a vacancy is filled prior to the 28-day lifespan of the advertisement, you may inform us of placement and we shall ensure that the advertisement is removed.


Staff Assist charges per job advert. We do not charge any additional or hidden fees either.

Our Fee is non-refundable/non-reversible once the advert has started. The only exception being when we are in material breach of these terms.

Fees are to be paid upfront before the advert is started. We issue an invoice once your request for service is accepted and the advert will be initiated once funds in exchange for the service have cleared.

Staff Assist has rights to decide if/when to start the advert before funds from your end have cleared. In the event that payment does not come through an advert has started, Staff Assist may remove it and charge you the full outstanding amount.

Payment of Fees should are to be made in through bank transfer, World Pay. You will get a copy of all invoices by Staff Assist and provide the invoice details.

No deduction or set off is applicable to any Fees outstanding. Overdue fees incur interest by law as dictated by the Commercial Debts (Late Payment of Interest) Act 1998. Fees include VAT or other applicable tax

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