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Staffassist can guarantee you won’t receive the same fixed fee recruitment service for a lower price anywhere in the UK.

How it works

Send us your job vacancy:

Send us your vacancy and we will advertise the job on premiere UK job boards and social media platform. You will get the best response from the most relevant candidates. your job advert will be live for 28 days on every job boards.

Your job advert is reviewed:

Your job advert is reviewed and applicants are shortlisted automatically. Unlike other online recruitment platforms, we give access to every application for review. We filter out the top-most relevant profiles and rank them according to the criteria provided so that you can instantly handpick the best ones.

Your Ad is Published:

Once Your Ad is Published and Profiles Shortlisted, We Take it a Step Further Gain critical insights into your candidates’ mindsets and professional achievements by getting acquainted with them before scheduling an interview. This can save you a lot of time, rather than having to schedule an interview based on a really impressive candidate profile.

Applications for Both Active and Passive Candidates:

All applicants automatically get a “thank you” note from you to confirm their application. Candidates stay engaged and informed throughout the process and we also reach out to candidates particularly on social media where “hidden Talent” might be hibernating, just waiting to be discovered.

Easily Manage Your Candidates as They Respond:

All applicants are available to review at the touch of a button, through our online dashboard. Manage all applicant related data from one place. Share access across your organization to collaborate on the most suitable candidates.

Conduct Interviews and Hire Top Talent:

You are always in the driver’s seat – spend time productively interviewing ONLY the most ideal candidates. Applicants shortlisted for you are solely yours. We do not share the same applicants with other customers. If, by any chance, you have similar vacancies in future, please revisit the past application first before advertising again.

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