Activity Cordinator

 Staff Assist is Looking for a highly motivated, compassionate & enthusiastic individual with excellent communication skills as activity coordinator for one of our client based in New Malden

Job Title: Activity Cordinator

Job type: Permanent

Pay:£7.85 /hr - £8.50/hr

Number of hours: 30 hrs/week

Job Description

  • To provide ongoing and planned organisation of the residents recreational day.
  • To include suitable outings, social gatherings and activities to enhance the lifestyle of residents in the home.
  • To have a commitment to multidisciplinary team working and therefore the working relationship will be with all members of the homes’ team and its residents.

Principal Responsibilities

  • To encourage staff to participate in all activities, both group and individual.
  • To understand the philosophy of the organisation and the home and in conjunction with all staff groups ensure and promote a homely atmosphere where residents choice, rights, freedom and dignity are preserved.
  • To plan, and advise staff, residents, relatives and carers of suitable activities and there availability.
  • To organise and participate in regular outings, shopping trips and recreational activities both within and outside the home.
  • To plan and participate in regular social functions for all residents.
  • To organise suitable social activities for residents confined to bed
  • To create relative support groups and involve relatives and carers as much as possible in all aspects of social and recreational activities.
  • To attend staff meetings, training courses for professional personal development as directed by the Home Manager.
  • To participate in fund raising events for the home.
  • To work closely and develop further links with voluntary agencies, advising on types of voluntary services needed and to then give support and advice to volunteers as required.
  • To receive regular supervision and guidance by the Home Manager.
  • To assist residents relatives/carers with regard to arranging weekend visiting etc.
  • To assist the Home Manager in the development of change.
  • To communicate effectively and talk to local organisations, schools, churches etc. about the work of the organisation and the needs of individuals with dementia.

Health and Safety

  • To exercise responsibilities under the Health & Safety Act 1974 and be familiar with all policies pertaining to the home.

Qualifications and Experience

  • The post holder must have an outgoing personality, be able to organise and motivate staff, create and maintain good working relationships with all personnel.
  • A knowledge of the needs of the elderly and people with dementia is

essential, as is an empathetic understanding towards the residents, their relatives and carers.

Working Conditions

  • A 30.00 hour week will be worked which will include shift/some weekend work and unsociable hours to meet the needs of the service.